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It is much more than a museum. It's an experience.

Muzeon is a complex encounter with the history of the Jewish people of Cluj. Starting with the beginning of the 20th century, and ending with our present times, Muzeon tells the life story of three different people: Julia, Paul, and David, in three different lanuages: Romanian, English, and Hungarian.


Using dramatised audio guides, created based on real stories, Muzeon is much more than a museum. It is able to create a unique and meaningful connection between the narrating character and the visitor. By humanising history, it teaches people about the past without requiring any learning effort.


The narrative of the museum was written based on a family history, the Lusztig family. The roots of the Lusztigs were traced back to a small Transylvanian village: Chichișa. Moving to a village near Cluj at the end of the 19th century, and later to the city, the Lusztig family flourished. At Muzeon, visitors have the chance to learn the history of the Jewish community in Cluj via the history of the Lusztig family. The audio guides of the museum were created based on three members of the family, each with a different destiny.

Muzeon was founded in 2020 by a young couple from Cluj, Dan & Flavia Craioveanu. Our story began with an old closet, where Dan discovered the absolutely fascinating personal archive of his Jewish ancestors, in his parents house. Since then, Flavia has been carefully studying the archive, putting together an unbelievably rich family history, based on hundreds of letters, documents, memoirs, and photos.


That’s how they came up with the idea of creating Muzeon, as a place of memory, where history has a voice, the voice of the people who lived it. Now, Dan & Flavia’s desire is to make Muzeon’s visitors feel the same awe that they felt when they stumbled upon all those forgotten life stories.

Muzeon is almost entirely based on visual and audio narration, in order to ease the learning experience. Using the power of storytelling, combined with visual and artistic installations, Virtual Reality and artefacts, it truly impacts those who come to visit. It was designed in such a way so as they would feel cognitively enriched after a visit to the museum.

Our Team

The People at Muzeon

Flavia Craioveanu

Founder, Curator, General Director

Dan Craioveanu

Founder, Tech Director

Orsolya András

Museum Assistant

Alexandra Ionel

Museum Assistant
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Tuesday ‒ Sunday: 10am ‒ 06pm
Monday: Closed

Adults: 29 lei (5.96 €)
Children & Students: 19 lei (3.90 €)
Seniors: 15 lei (3.08 €)
Omnipass Card: 15 lei (3.08 €)
Studcard: 1+1
Members of the Cluj Jewish Community: Free

Donate for Muzeon


Muzeon has become a Transylvanian landmark for Jewish culture. Despite the fact that we opened during the pandemic, we had over 4,000 visitors. However, the crisis has deepened, and the operational expenditures can no longer be covered. The harsh reality is that the museum is on the verge of closure.

With your help, Muzeon can continue to stay open! Please sign up to make a monthly donation to the museum. That will enable us to provide you with the highest quality of information that you expect from us and, also, to keep the Jewish heritage alive as well as to ensure the remembrance of the Holocaust. Muzeon started as an independent museum. It receives no public funding. During these difficult times, with tourism reduced to a trickle by the pandemic, we can no longer afford the cost of keeping the museum open.

Now is the time to chip in for the preservation of Jewish heritage and Holocaust memory in Transylvania. With just 10 euros per month from 100 people, this museum will be able to continue to operate.


Will you set up a monthly donation right now? It’s easy and secure.

Tuesday ‒ Sunday: 10am ‒ 06pm
Monday: Closed

Adults: 29 lei (6 €)
Children & Students: 19 lei (4 €)
Seniors: 15 lei (3 €)
Omnipass Card: 15 lei (3 €)
Studcard: 1+1
Members of the Cluj Jewish Community: Free

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